Excellence in Commodity Risk Mitigation win for Chinsay’s CCM

27 November 2015, Stockholm & London: Chinsay, the global standard for real-time contract management in the physical commodity markets, has today received a Special Commendation for Excellence in Commodity Risk Mitigation at the Commodity Business Awards.  The yearly celebration of talent and excellence in commodity markets took place on 26th November at the Savoy Hotel in London.


Dag Sundén-Cullberg, founder and CEO of Chinsay, commented: “It is a tremendous honour for us all at Chinsay to receive a Special Commendation at this year’s Commodity Business Awards. Having our online Commodities Contract Management system (CCM) recognised by our peers is a great achievement and a fantastic way to end 2015. We have worked closely with our clients to further develop CCM’s functionality this year and are looking forward to more successes in 2016.” Sundén-Cullberg added: “CCM is our direct response to an increasingly complex environment and the need for more effective risk management tools. Commodity industry participants can no longer afford the uncertainty of traditional, manual contract management if they want to remain competitive. At Chinsay, we believe that the solution lies in technology, in processes, and in providing our clients with real-time access to all the information they need to identify and act on risks. We are here to help the industry take this next step forward and we are thrilled to see our solution being acknowledged.”


Chinsay’s CCM reduces risk and compliance issues by providing users with an efficient and controlled environment to issue accurate and timely commodity contracts. A simple workflow and a complete audit-trail help to remove manual errors and uncertainty during the contract drafting process, significantly reducing the time and effort for contract creation and management. The system helps users achieve new levels of speed, security and efficiency in a real-time, online, scalable system.


Guy Isherwood, Publisher of Commodities Now, praised the Swedish-based company for their achievement: “My congratulations to Chinsay for the outstanding work they have completed over the last 12 months.”


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Notes to editors

Chinsay is the global standard for online freight and commodities contract management in the physical markets. The company’s technology provides 21st Century control and management to one of the most important, but historically, one of the least technologically connected areas of world trade – the trading and transportation of physical commodities. Chinsay is the only company which is completely focused on bringing control, security and real-time cost efficiencies to the trillion dollar global commodity and freight trading market.


Headquartered in Stockholm, Chinsay has a Far East regional office in Singapore and representative offices in the UK and Japan. It has more than 3000 users at 270 corporate clients across 40 countries, ranging from some of the largest trading houses, commodity producers and their brokers through to cargo charterers and ship operators. Clients benefit from the cloud-based, real-time contract management and position-keeping that only Chinsay can provide.


When Chinsay launched in 2000 it was clear to the founders that a contract was at the heart of every trade. Now Chinsay is at the heart of every contract.


Chinsay brings control, efficiency, accuracy and security to global trade.


For more information visit http://chinsay.com

Encore Energy Announces “Kentucky Warsaw” Oil Discovery (270 BOPD IP)

Bowling Green, KY (11/27/2015):  Encore Energy, Inc. announced today that the Company has made a new Warsaw oil discovery in south central Kentucky. And, has immediate plans to drill eleven (11) drill-sites to prove-up a new field in an area offset to where millions of BO have been produced from the Cincinnati Arch and Illinois Basin. The Company’s discovery well reported a ~270 BOPD IP (initial 24-hour production rate) with ~20’ formation, high-oil saturation and porosity approaching 18%. Encore currently has ~15000 acres and prospects targeting several limestone and dolomite oil formations in south central Kentucky.  The Company has drilled 24 of 28 wells and is planning a new 30-well program for 2016.

“Encore’s team carefully engineered the stimulation treatment, and the initial production test rate from this discovery is well-documented”, said Steve Stengell, Encore’s President CEO and Chairman.  “These initial results far exceed our expectations, projections, historical rates and provide the Company with tremendous confidence in the continued development of a much larger formation trend and more potential new discoveries in the area”, added Stengell.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to present our future plans and provide field tours to both institutional and high net worth investors in December”, said Joseph Hooper, Encore’s EVP of Business Development and Director. “These initial production results are more comparable to the Bakken or Eagle Ford, with only “1/50th” of the per-well cost”, added Hooper. 

The US government allows qualified SEC defined Accredited investors to deduct 100% of the IDC Intangible Drilling Cost deductions against all ordinary income with up to 95% of the deduction occurring in year one, at the time the investment is made (i.e. 2015 tax year).  This typically results in an immediate tax savings equal to 40 – 53% of his or her total investment.  Oil and gas exploration and development involves a high degree of risk and uncertainty.  No assurances can be made as it relates to production, reserves, income or timelines.

For more information, please contact Joseph Hooper at (270) 842-1242, ext. 224 or via e-mail at Joseph.hooper@encore-energy.com

Assumptions, Disclaimer and Cautionary Statement: The information herein may contain forward-looking statements, and actual results may vary. Oil and gas investments involve a high degree of risk, uncertainty and are only suitable for qualified Accredited (SEC Definition) investors who are sophisticated in making business decisions and can bear the financial loss of their entire investment. The Company does not provide tax advice and investors should seek the advice of their tax professional. Any tax information herein is provided for illustration purposes only, may include estimates and is subject to change. It is impossible to accurately forecast profitability, production, reserves, income, expenses and timelines for any project. No assurances can be made and the estimates herein are subject to change, and may represent best case. Actual production is beyond the control of management. The IP rate reported herein is based on actual production data that is well-documented. The Company’s lease acreage position includes acreage under lease, Farmout agreement, verbal agreement, renewals and any other prospective acreage in which the Company has communicated and/or negotiated with the landowner the leasing of oil and gas rights, now or in the future, and the lease / mineral owner has leased or communicated their intent to lease there mineral lease rights to the Company.  It is important for qualified investors to acknowledge the fact that the US government provides them with tax savings (100% IDC tax deduction) to mitigate or at least off-set some of the financial risk associated with domestic oil and gas investments.  This is not an offer to sell or buy a security. An offer shall only be made by a offering memorandum, and this is not an offering memorandum.   Investors are encouraged to ask questions and request information from the Company.



You Tube Video Exposes Complex Internal Package Theft at The United States Postal Service

A Canadian awaiting a package from Miami, Florida was shocked to find out his package of comic books was tampered with using a sophisticated rerouting technique within the USPS.


Miami, Florida/Toronto, Ontario – You Tuber Luanga Nuwame has recently launched a public service announcement video on his Homemade Game Guru channel to expose how his tracked USPS package of comic books was tampered with. He wants his experience to serve as a warning to fellow consumers looking to ship expensive items though the USPS this Christmas season.

His 10-minute video entitled ‘How USPS Employees Can Steal Your Package’s Contents this Christmas’ outlines the 3-month ordeal Nuwame has endured to find out how postal employees opened his package and substituted its contents with a stack of paper without detection. The stolen comics were meant to be showcased in a review video on his channel.

It was in mid-August when a tracked and insured Priority Mail package of 29 comic books was mailed from a family member in Miami, Florida to Nuwame’s home near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During the ensuing two months, the package disappeared from an on-route Jacksonville postal facility. A lost package claim was initiated by Nuwame and just prior to the last day of the claim, in mid-October, the package was found in Chicago, Illinois and sent to Canada within a few days.

However, once received, Nuwame discovered the package was previously opened and 18 of the 29 comic books were taken out and replaced with a U.S. transportation compliance manual. The package breach was cleverly concealed using improperly placed Priority Mail shipping tape.

Somehow during the two months the package went missing, thieves were able to take the package and go through the contents, replace the stolen contents with a stack of manual pages equal in weight to the comics taken out and then reinsert the tampered package back into the postal system in a different state without being noticed.

The caper gets even bizarre when Nuwame discovered the re-introduction of the package in Chicago caused the online Florida tracking information to be removed and resulted in U.S. Customs checking the same package twice, in two different states, without raising any red flags. To add further stress and frustration to the situation, Nuwame said he had to deal with multiple “unhelpful and disinterested” USPS customer service representatives during seven phone calls throughout the ordeal.

“The meticulous and undetectable way the contents of my package were stolen, in addition to the agonizing back-and-forth headache of dealing with the USPS customer service agents on the phone highlights just how easy it is for this type of theft to happen,” Nuwame said.

“It is obvious to me the culprits have done this before and have a system in place to avoid detection. With the busiest shipping season still ahead, I want to warn people worldwide that this kind of sophisticated theft is a reality and the USPS is unwilling to stop it or acknowledge it,” Nuwame added.

His posted You Tube video goes into in-depth visual detail about what happened to the package and Nuwame expresses his theories on how he believes the theft was executed. Nuwame also request that viewers who have experienced a similar ordeal share their stories and use the hashtag #USPSinternaltheft to help spread awareness.

About Luanga Nuwame/Homemade Game Guru

Luanga Nuwame is the 38-year-old host and creator of the Homemade Game Guru You Tube channel. The Homemade Game Guru channel features how-to videos centering on making crafts, comic books, games, furniture and oddities out of basic materials like cardboard, wood and glue. Operated since April 2008 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the channel’s 129 videos have achieved over 5 million views, 11,500 + subscribers, a 2008 Majorfun.com creative award and a World’s Record Academy world’s record in 2009. 50% of the channel’s audience is American.


The Doctor: A Satilla County Novel

Love, death, redemption.  Satilla County doctor Elias Lott must contend not only with the 1918-19 Spanish flu epidemic but also with ignorance, prejudice, and his own questions about love and faith.

This is the fifth novel in Oscar Patton’s Satilla County series.  Other titles are When the Bough Breaks, Riding the Fantastics, A Place to Call Home, and The Sheriff.

Dodd-Frank Senate Vote Looms Large in Affordable Housing Crisis

“A good home is a powerful platform to spark progress in people’s lives. It connects families to the communities that surround them, and it lays the foundation for their health, their happiness and their future success.”

Julian Castro, head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

LAKELAND, FL November 26, 2015
— Earlier this month, HUD Secretary Julian Castro took time out to address what he called the nation’s “affordable housing crisis.”

In a video message to the Manufactured Housing Institute’s National Communities Council, Castro focused on manufactured homes as “a vital solution for folks of modest means” and an important component in fulfilling HUD’s mission to provide more families with “quality, safe and affordable housing.”

HUD, he said, is “the department of opportunity.”

Yet many of those opportunities are being curtailed by the unintended consequences of the Dodd-Frank legislation that was meant to deal with the subprime mortgage crisis.

Hardest hit are the folks who can afford it least — families of modest means, who have discovered that loans are hard to come by for the least expensive “shade and shelter” resale homes, priced under $20,000.

The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a bill (HR 650) designed to restore access to manufactured housing, and the Senate is expected to decide the fate of its companion (S 682) in the coming weeks as rider on the must-pass omnibus appropriations package that funds the federal government.

MHLivingNews.com has delved deeply into the issues surrounding Dodd-Frank and its role in the affordable housing crisis.

The latest report features a video interview with Tom Fath, an engineer and owner of a modest manufactured home, purchased after his student years, who is now faced with some of the pitfalls created by Dodd-Frank.

Fath, whose family owns and operates a manufactured home community in Westfield, Indiana, is in a unique position to speak from the point of view of home owner, home seller and third-generation manufactured housing specialist.

“It’s very important that our government give everybody the opportunity to purchase their own home and live that lifestyle,” Fath says.

The current regulations serve to eliminate people’s choices in the matter, and too many are forced to rent and give up on their dream of homeownership.

“Let’s just get it done,” Fath says, of removing the obstacles placed in the path to home ownership.

The full text of the story and interview is linked here. ##

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JClaw Tek LLC Announces Discounts On All Products For Holidays

Jonathan Barraclough, president of JClaw Tek LLC, announced that the company is offering consumers holiday savings of 15 percent off on all of its high-tech personal lighting and survival products now through Christmas. The company is the creator of some of the most advanced survival tools available on the market and all are available exclusively on Amazon.

“We innovate unique products for customers who demand quality coupled with advanced technology,” said Barraclough.

The 15 percent savings (coupon code: 69YCX7CM) offered by JClaw Tek is available on the company’s recently released Kodiak Survival Knife. The Kodiak combines four essential tools in one – a knife, firestarter, flashlight and whistle. Durable and versatile, the device is designed to be light and compact, allowing it to fit easily in a hunting kit, backpack or emergency preparedness kit.

Crafted from 440 grade stainless steel, it has a serrated edge along a portion of the blade. The magnesium firestarter provides sparks at over 2,500 degrees for up to 1,000 strikes. The survival knife contains a removable water resistant flashlight utilizing ultra-bright LED light. An emergency whistle is included to signal rescue workers when needed, and includes an integrated belt clip and nylon holster.

JClaw Tek’s Fire Talon Multi Tool Pocket Knife with LED lights is precision built, combining a locking stainless steel knife blade, wire strippers and a can opener, along with Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. Spring loaded pliers, bright LED lights and rubber handles for a secure grip complete the tool for quick and portable repairs. It’s a compact solution for the home, auto, boat, campers and emergency kits. (coupon code: 2XCQLAG3)

The company’s Scorpio UV Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight features a 30 percent brighter beam than similar lights and emits UV light so bright that no other flashlight is needed. Named for its ability to detect scorpions, it also reveals bedbugs, pet urine stains and contamination by rodents. It’s effective for identifying counterfeit currency, conducting forensic investigations, hunting for valuable minerals, and detecting leaks with UV dyes. (coupon code: MU7URC9D)

JClaw Tek offers wearable technology with its Flash LED Super Bright Headlamp Flashlight. The compact device is the brightest LED headlamp available, encompassing three brightness levels and an SOS for emergencies. Two red LEDs preserve night vision, while the red strobe ensures visibility by others. Lightweight but sturdy, it won’t bob when it’s being worn and offers a hands-free solution in any dark or dimly lit situation. (coupon code: TR8EDO88)

The 15 percent holiday savings offered by JClaw Tek is available now through Christmas, providing value and savings on unique personal lighting and survival tools. Available only on Amazon, the company’s high-tech tools have a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee, allowing consumers to buy with confidence.

About JClaw Tek

JClaw Tek is based in the high-tech environment of Southern California and is the developer of some of the most cutting edge personal lighting and survival products ever seen.

Media Contact

Jonathan Barraclough


JClaw Tek LLC

Website: www.jclawtek.com

Email: support@jclawtek.com

Black Friday Sale on ALL Superfoods! 20% OFF Site-Wide!!!


At Optimally Organic, we are dedicated to providing 100% Pure, Bio-Active and Cost Effective Raw Organic and Wild-Crafted SuperFoods from around the world, directly to your door. The health and well being of our customers is our #1 priority and we never take shortcuts to increase our bottom line.

We understand there are many steps, from growing conditions to packaging, that must be taken to provide you with a finished SuperFood Health Supplement that works. If just one of these steps is compromised in the slightest way, the finished product becomes ineffective at best.

We Guarantee the Integrity of our Products!
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Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals (Fulvic Acid) concentrated liquid minerals, electrolytes and essential aminos supplement is the cornerstone of our company and is manufactured under the strictest organic standards.  Chemical acids are never used in the extraction process, just pure water.  This is the highest grade Fulvic Acid in the world with the highest levels of Fulvic and Humic Acids ever tested! Fulvic Acid is the most important health supplement you could ever take.  Find out more about our Fulvic Acid here


The Biomega OKO electric bicycle has been designed for the highest of performance while being truly accommodating to a busy urban lifestyle. The OKO is a uniquely lightweight and highly practical city pedelec with a fashionable twist which will undoubtedly make heads turn it its direction.

The OKO bridges the heritage of the Biomega portfolio from Marc Newson’s SYD bike to the Biomega NYC bike, providing a new typology by merging some of their visual qualities to form an innovative statement to the growing Biomega portfolio.

Through original patented technology, this super-strong, carbon-fiber frame comes fitted with integrated front and rear fenders, a natural extension of the original diamond frame design. Combining the very best materials, Biomega also stays true its heritage by incorporating a Gates Carbon belt drive and in-hub shifters.  

The ingeniousness of the OKO has only been possible due to the highly successful and continuing collaboration between Danish design group KiBiSi and Biomega, extending the portfolio further with the most expensive and exciting development project yet. The OKO appearance takes inspiration from traditional fuel powered two-wheeled motorized vehicles, but is powered by a super-efficient, non-polluting, and light-weight 350 watt geared hub motor.  

“This is by far the most ambitious urban mobility project Biomega has undertaken to-date, eclipsing even the original Marc Newson bicycle. This is truly an expression of Biomega’s ethos, where cutting-edge commuter technology meets high-level design. I hope savvy commuters will indulge and travel even further every day with a sense of tranquility and comfort” said designer and founder, Jens Martin Skibsted.

Bringing a state-of-the-art and efficient electric bicycle to the market, has been a truly international undertaking, tapping into talent from Denmark, France, South Korea and China, making the OKO ideally suited for the global urban commuter, wherever those streets may be.

OKO Technical Specifications:

  • Unique and sleek design – carbon frame and fork with integrated fenders
  • One of the lightest e-bikes – under 41 lbs including fenders
  • Perfect balance – the center of gravity is perfectly centered in the middle of the bike
  • Efficient – it rides like a normal bike if you do not use the power assistance
  • Integrated – battery pack in top tube, motor in front wheel hub, with gears in the rear hub
  • Three levels of assistance – Normal, Economy and Boost modes
  • Autonomy – up to 40 miles depending on riding style and type of ride
  • Tires – 26″ by 2.00 wide tires – puncture resistant with a comfort ride
  • Brakes -Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Drive – Maintenance free Gates Carbon belt drive with choice of two or eight speeds
  • Top Speed – 20mph
  • Battery – Samsung cells, 36 volt, 9.9 Ah, Lithium-ion
  • Motor – 350 watt geared hub motor
  • Handlebar – Biomega aluminum riser handlebar
  • Stem – Biomega aluminum stem
  • Saddle – Biomega saddle in black with embossed Biomega logo
  • Size – S 17.71” (45cm), M 19.68” (50cm) and L 21.65 (55cm)
  • Weight – 41 lbs
  • MSRP – $2295 (SRAM automatic 2 speed or $2695 (Shimano Alfine 8 speed)

About KiBiSi

Founded by Lars Larsen, BIG / Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted, KiBiSi is a Copenhagen-based, idea-driven industrial design firm. KiBiSi works with culturally leading brands and fortune 1000 companies. Each partner contributes with intelligence and experience from within the field providing KiBiSi with cutting edge knowledge and know-how within architecture, design, furniture, electronics, transportation, contemporary culture and lifestyle. KiBiSi is committed to making lasting design that carries strong ideas. For more information, please visit www.kibisi.com

About Biomega

Biomega is a premium urban bicycle brand, alone in its category. Biomega designs and develops bicycles and related accessories. Biomega are committed to creating a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation by making ‘furniture for urban locomotion’, developing bicycles so beautiful that they compete directly with cars and imbue our cities with new meaning. Biomega brings social innovation, design thinking and urban lifestyle to the world of bicycles, that start in urban functionality and ends in high design. The brand features collaborations with PUMA and renowned designers such as Marc Newson, KiBiSi and Ross Lovegrove. The company, which was founded in 1998, distributes its products in more than 20 countries with Biomega’s headquarters based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with US headquarters in Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit the website www.biomega.com.


For all media inquiries please contact

kamilla@biomegaus.com or douglas@biomega.com

Cyber Monday Travel Deals

For Cyber Monday, luxury hotels and resorts are offering limited time deals on their best activities and rooms. From getting up close and personal with a rhinoceros in South Africa to lounging on a Caribbean beach to custom blending wines in Napa Valley, below are the best offers available this Cyber Monday.


andBeyond, Cyber Monday Exclusive

Only available on Cyber Monday (Monday, November 30), andBeyond is offering guests 50% off a Rhino Notching or Elephant Collaring at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve. This adventure allow guests to join a team of conservationists in locating and darting a rhino while they capture data from the sleeping animal to monitor the population, ensure they are healthy, and protect them from poachers. Or guests can participate in Elephant Collaring where they will can witness an elephant darting and assist in the changing of the sleeping pachyderm’s radio collar. Prices start at $1,713 for Rhino Notching and $1,998 for Elephant Collaring for a maximum of 8 people. (Original prices start at $3,425 and $3,995 respectively.) This offer is valid for travel between January 10, 2016 and December 20, 2016 and must be booked in conjunction with a minimum of three nights at any andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve lodge. Booking code: ANDBEYONDCYBER


Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, Cyber Monday Special

Exclusive only on Cyber Monday, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort is offering guests 25% off rates. Only available on Cyber Monday (Monday, November 30) this offer is valid for travel from December 18, 2015 to December 24, 2015 as well as June 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016. Right between St. Lucia’s famous Pitons, Sugar Beach is an idyllic Caribbean getaway.


The Wine Foundry, Custom blending offer

Cyber Monday is just the starting point for specials at The Wine Foundry. Beginning November 30, guests have the opportunity to receive 30% off wine purchases and the custom blending experience for groups of six. The special on wine is valid through December 6. The two-hour hands-on custom blending offer will be available through the end of 2016. Guests will be able to follow the same process as winemakers to craft their own unique blends. Both offers can be used online and by visiting the tasting room. Prices start at $60 per person. Booking code: TWFCYBER30


Platypus Tours Limited, Two for One Wine Tour

Two can enjoy Platypus Tours Limited’s intimate wine tour for the price of one. On November 30, guests can book an exclusive tour of four boutique-style wineries. Limited to two purchases per person, this offer includes an outstanding tour, picnic lunch, bottled water and a decadent cheese platter. Offer is valid from December 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016 – excluding Christmas Day, February 13 and May 28. Prices start at $110 per couple. Booking code: CYBER


Silverado Resort & Spa, Cyber Monday all year-round

Take advantage of Silverado Resort & Spa’s Cyber Monday offer by booking your Napa Valley stay November 27 through November 30, 2015. With this offer, receive a $50 resort credit per night (*must be used on a nightly basis and does not accumulate) and 25% off the best available room rates. Dates available for travel: November 30, 2015 – March 31, 2016 and Sunday through Thursday for April 1, 2016 – October 31, 2016. Please note: prices are subject to change without notice and based on availability. Resort credit does not apply to room rate, taxes or resort fees and will not be refunded if unused.


Brannan Cottage Inn, Cyber Monday hideaway special

Escape this winter to a cozy room at Brannan Cottage Inn. On Cyber Monday, book the Inn’s special package which includes one-of-a-kind accommodations, breakfast vouchers for two at Café Sarafornia, complimentary wine tasting passes for two, and on-demand shuttle around captivating Calistoga. This offer is valid from December 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016 – excluding December 5, 24-26, 2015 and December 31-January 2, 2016. Please note: this promotion may not be combined with any other offer and is subject to availability. Rates start at $189 per night. Booking code: CYBER