WINSTON-SALEM, NC (Oct. 8, 2015) – At Blue Rhino® (, we can’t wait for tailgate season! We love to celebrate game day with friends and fantastic barbecue at our favorite team’s parking lot or in our own backyards.

The Blue Rhino family of brands includes both the number one brand in tank exchange, as well as an impressive line of innovative, premier barbecue accessories and outdoor lifestyle tools by Mr. Bar-B-Q®. Just in time for tailgating season, here are some useful tips for creating winning moments for your tailgate:

     1.  Prep food.

  • Use a burger press to make perfectly formed burgers that transport well.
  • Pre-assemble kabobs on skewers
  • Cut vegetables and fruits, and put into zipped plastic bags.
  • Season or marinate chicken wings, ribs or steaks the night before.
  1. Pack your gear.
  • Grill – Clean the grill so it’s ready to go. If it’s a propane grill, be sure to have a fresh propane tank on hand to ensure you don’t run out of gas during the tailgate. Blue Rhino tank exchange is conveniently available at more than 45,000 retail locations nationwide.
  • Grill accessories – Keep grilling accessories in a plastic bin that’s easy to pack, carry, and wash out. Be sure to include long-handled tongs and spatulas, plus a meat thermometer for food safety.
  • Food & drink – Remove food from the refrigerator and pack the cooler just before leaving the house. Food should be kept at 40 degrees fahrenheit. Pack drinks in a separate cooler to keep food from getting flattened by heavy cans and bottles.
  1. Prepare the grill. For additional flavor, use wood smoking chips or a cedar grilling planks. Or place moistened fresh herbs such as basil, sage, rosemary and thyme directly on the grill to release flavors.
  1. Light the fire. If you’re using a charcoal grill, use a chimney starter in lieu of lighter fluid. Within 15 minutes, you’ll be ready to grill – without the taste and smell of lighter fluid on the food.
  1. Stagger grilling so everything’s done at the same time. Start with food items that take the longest to grill.
  1. Use tongs to turn the food – but not too often. Browning meats gives them a delicious flavor and aroma. Don’t press, flatten or pierce the meat; flavorful juices will be lost and may cause flare-ups.
  2. Change up your menu. Mr. Pizza™ grilling accessories help tailgaters and backyard chefs create delicious, perfectly cooked “pies” on the grill. It’s one of today’s top grilling trends. Visit the website for tasty grilled pizza recipes.
  1. Serve everyone’s favorite campfire treat. The Hershey’s S’mores Grilling Tray makes up to four gooey s’more at a time – with less muss and fuss, and more fun.
  1. Show some extreme team spirit. After the grill has completely cooled down, use a Mr. Bar-B-Q collegiate team grill cover to protect your grill from the elements,
  1. Check out more tailgate-friendly recipes and tips at

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About Blue Rhino

In 1994, Blue Rhino – named for the color of a propane flame and the endangered animal – launched America’s first branded propane tank exchange service. Today, Blue Rhino is more than propane, with a full line of products that create family time and special moments in the backyard, patio and home. Offering convenience, innovation and affordable luxury, Blue Rhino’s outdoor living products include grills, barbecue tools and accessories, patio heaters, firepits, fireplace accessories, mosquito traps, furniture/grill covers and more sold under such brands as Mr. Bar-B-Q®, Mr. Pizza™, Endless Summer®, UniFlame®, Backyard Basics and SkeeterVac®. Blue Rhino’s leading propane exchange brand is available at more than 45,000 retail stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico and is based in Winston-Salem, N.C. Blue Rhino is a division of Ferrellgas, L.P. For more information, visit

Note to editors: To receive Blue Rhino product samples or images, please contact Cynthia Greenwood at 847-404-8404 or







Flo Rida to serve as global brand ambassador for Empire Rockefeller Vodka

International performer and recording artist, Flo Rida, and New York-based Vintage Rockefeller Wine & Spirits Group, today announced a multi-year partnership for the brand to use Flo Rida’s name and likeness in promotional and marketing materials for the company’s Empire Rockefeller Vodka alcoholic beverage. Flo Rida will become Empire Rockefeller Vodka’s global brand ambassador. As part of the deal he will promote Empire Rockefeller Vodka on social media, through personal appearances and inclusion on future music videos.

“Flo Rida, admittedly selective when it comes to alcoholic beverages, took an instant liking to the Empire Rockefeller Vodka brand, which is produced with the finest ingredients. His attraction to Empire Rockefeller Vodka led to the creation of an arrangement with Vintage Rockefeller that also includes sponsorship of five cities as well as inclusion of Empire Vodka for use backstage & in VIP areas during Flo Rida’s upcoming tour”, stated Marlo Gold, CEO of D3M Licensing Group.

“I am extremely excited to partner with such a sophisticated, innovative brand such as Empire Rockefeller Vodka,” said Flo Rida. “We share the idea that success should be celebrated with class, elegance and refinement, and that you should live your life to the fullest”.

Flo Rida, a native of Carol City, Florida, has been able to accomplish the unimaginable by transitioning from a rap artist to a worldwide phenomenon capturing the attention and interest of fans of pop, hip-hop and club music. He has sold more than 90 million singles across the world and recently released his fifth album, “My House,” in April 2015 with many chart topping singles, including “G.D.F.R.”

“We are thrilled that Flo Rida will be taking an active role with Empire Rockefeller Vodka,” said Steve Goldberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vintage Rockefeller. “As a company that strives to be luxurious and maintains the highest degree of quality, we believe we found the perfect fit with Flo Rida – Vintage Rockefeller is incredibly excited to have him as the global ambassador of our brand.”

Empire Rockefeller Vodka is a brand wholly owned by the Vintage Rockefeller Wine & Spirits Group Corporation headquartered in Freeport, New York. Vintage Rockefeller integrates class, elegance and refinement in its

#liverockefeller branding attached to products, which include F. Rockefeller and Sons Champagne 2004 Vintage Brut; Signature Rockefeller Cognac VS, VSOP, and XO; and Empire Rockefeller Vodka. Please visit – the company’s website, for Empire Rockefeller Vodka’s official Facebook page and for Empire Rockefeller Vodka’s official Instagram page.


Flo Rida works in collaboration with Marlo Gold, CEO of D3M Licensing Group, LLC. For media inquiries, please contact Steve Goldberg:




GYROMEGA Unveils The First Jet Powered Top/Gyroscope For Work, Play, Battle and Display

HOUSTON, Texas, October 7, 2015 — Never before has a top/gyroscope been powered by thrust from a JET MOTOR! This incredible power comes from an electric ducted fan (EDF) unit that is found in remote control jet aircraft that can fly at over 200 MPH. This power has now been harnessed and engineered into a compact package that you can run on your desk.

GYROMEGA ( has unveiled the VORTEX and their Kickstarter campaign. The VORTEX is a high performance, precision top/gyroscope powered by an electric ducted fan motor that you can run right on your desk. Whether you are battling it out in the ring with an opponent, creating dazzling light displays on the floor and walls, or spending time simply spinning away on your desktop, the GYROMEGA VORTEX provides endless hours of excitement and will have everyone talking about your extraordinary new top/gyroscope.


For more information visit:

The new VORTEX is a compact and immensely powerful package, turning at over 2,700 RPM, while maintaining an impressive stability duration of over 30 minutes on a single charge. To achieve this level of performance, the VORTEX utilizes an electric ducted fan unit, driven by a powerful 20,000 RPM, 6 volt high torque brushed motor turning a 6 blade 50mm high performance impeller.The VORTEX electric ducted fan drive system is combined with four 900mAh rechargeable NiMH batteries to deliver maximum power and achieve exceptional gyroscopic rotational speeds.

“In order to attain this degree of performance, we had to reimagine the way tops and gyroscopes function and create a completely new method of power,” said Jeff Helms, Founder and CEO of GYROMEGA.  “We developed our patent pending Vectored Thrust Propulsion System, which is the technology at the center of the action and allows you to experience the power, speed, and endurance that is engineered into our unique top/gyroscope design.”


This level of performance requires a strong design and advanced materials. The VORTEX is manufactured using polycarbonate, which is the material used to create bullet proof glass. Everybody likes customization, so GYROMEGA has made it simple to personalize the VORTEX to suit your personality. The unique design of the VORTEX allows you to interchange the intake manifold with different intake designs, creating an even more unique top/gyroscope.

One of the most unique features of the VORTEX is it mesmerizing lighting display. The VORTEX can put on an extreme light show using its 5mW Red Mini Laser and two 5mm RGB Fast-Blinking Color-Changing LEDs. The VORTEX is designed to stand up on either end, which means the intake can pull air in from above and blast it out as thrust toward the surface, or you can flip the VORTEX over and have it spin upside down, casting its laser light show onto your walls and ceiling!


GYROMEGA was started with the idea of revolutionizing the way tops and gyroscopes work. Born of a passion for precision engineering, powerful machines and elegant designs, our mission, utilizing over 30 years of engineering expertise, is the development of high-performance, precision tops and gyroscopes for work, play, battle and display. For more information about GYROMEGA and the VORTEX visit telephone 888-497-6345, or email

(888) 497-6345

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SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tenn., Oct. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — It is one of Christendom’s most enduring and confounding mysteries: Who was the unnamed “other disciple, whom Jesus loved” (John 20:2), who knew the Jewish high priests Annas and Caiaphas (John 18:15), who sat next to Jesus at the Last Supper (John 13:23-25), and who presumably wrote the Gospel of John, the Johannine epistles and Revelation? Bible scholars, laymen and early church patriarchs have wrestled with the obscured identity of the Beloved Disciple and the writer of John’s Gospel for nearly two millennia.

Now, Tennessee Bible researcher Randall Carter Gray says he has solved the mystery, relying, in part, on a 1968 Coptic (Egyptian) biography of St. John Mark, The Beholder of God, which was only translated into English in 1997. Gray said the biography, written by the late Coptic Pope Shenouda III, reveals tantalizing clues on “a largely overlooked, very important albeit ‘hidden man,’ whose given Jewish name was John.”

“North African refugee John Mark, of Cyrene (Libya),” Gray said, “is the Beloved Disciple, who wrote all the works in the New Testament ascribed to people named John and Mark. He knew the high priests, because he worked with them as a priest and scribe. He was the only professionally trained writer in Jesus’ inner circle.”

In the biography, Shenouda claims that John Mark was 1) a native of Cyrene, 2) a North African refugee with a well-appointed home in Jerusalem, 3) a Jewish Levite priest and scribe, 4) the founder of the Coptic church and a theology school in Alexandria, Egypt, 5) one of the 70 apostles (evangelists) chosen by Jesus, 6) a cousin of Barnabas, 7) a secretary for the apostles Paul and Peter, and 8) John Mark was the host, along with his mother Mary, of the Last Supper. Gray said John Mark, a youth during Jesus’ ministry, leaned on Jesus like a kid brother would” (John 13:23-25).

“It is John Mark’s home that Peter immediately runs to after being miraculously released from prison,” Gray continued. “The home is effectively the first church, as it was a meeting place for Christians in Jerusalem, including Mary, the mother of Jesus and Jesus’ brothers (Acts 1:14; 12:12). John Mark’s mother Mary was a wealthy benefactor of Jesus, who was among the women in Jerusalem who cared for him.”

Acknowledging the description of John’s Gospel as a “Gnostic gospel,” Gray said, “John Mark wrote the fourth gospel with Gnostic elements, arguing that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine, because he confronted the Gnostics in Alexandria, where the heretical group arose. I’m very surprised that people trying to solve this mystery have been so far off and disregarded the Coptic perspective. Wikipedia doesn’t even mention John Mark’s name in its page on ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved.’ Everyone from Lazarus to Mary Magdalene is posited as a candidate. But neither knew the high priests. John Mark did.

“I can imagine John Mark in the high priest’s courtyard (John 18:15-17) arguing on Jesus’ behalf after Jesus’ arrest, perhaps risking his career and even his life, even as Peter was denying he even knew Jesus. I can imagine Jesus especially loving John Mark, because the youth was a refugee, and perhaps a man of color, and a sensitive thinker and writer.” Jesus foreknew how important John Mark would be to the church and the New Testament, Gray said. “He foreknew that ‘this man’ (John 21:21-23) would not taste death as the writer of Revelation (Gray does not believe John Mark was martyred, though that has traditionally been asserted).

Returning to John’s Gospel, Gray said, “It was often disregarded or condemned by some of the early Christians. John’s Gospel was actually banned for a time. But today, the Gospel of John may be the most-preferred gospel among Christians, notably evangelicals.”

As for John, the son of Zebedee, Gray said, “He has been the safe, but impossible choice for the Beloved Disciple for decades. Early church father Irenaeus wrote that ‘the apostle John’ was the person who wrote the fourth gospel, as it had somehow been told to him. But there were two apostles named John,” Gray said.

“We can’t assume anything about Zebedee’s John as a writer, because we know that he was uneducated, as Peter was” (Acts 4:3), and he appears nowhere in John’s Gospel except as an afterthought in the final chapter. Given the biography’s claim that John Mark was a priest and scribe, Gray said it is “fascinating to focus on one particular use of the name ‘John’ in Acts 4:6, which may demonstrate to us that John Mark was a member of the Sanhedrin.

“Alexander is also mentioned here along with John,” Gray said. “That is significant, I think, because one of Simon of Cyrene’s sons was named Alexander, with the other being Rufus. I believe there is much ethnic significance in the fact that John Mark, Simon, Alexander and Rufus were all from North Africa” (Mark 15:21). Simon of Cyrene was seized by Roman soldiers to assist Jesus in carrying his cross — which Gray believes may show that Jesus, perhaps like Simon, was “a man of color.”

Gray said the shortened name “John” is used twice further on in Acts (13:34; 15:36-40) to describe John Mark. Sometimes, the young priest’s Gentile/Roman name “Mark” or “Marcus” — which means, interestingly, “hammer” — is used; “so,” Gray said, “we can’t be absolutely sure that the name of John in Acts 4:6 refers to John Mark, but in that very book, Luke, who wrote Acts and the gospel bearing his name, calls John Mark only by his first, Jewish name, John, just as he does when he’s describing the rulers, elders, priests and scribes assembled to hear Peter and Zebedee’s John.”

Gray explained that students of the Bible “all come rather jaded to the subject of the Beloved Disciple, because we have accepted some things that we think are unknowable. But I believe Jesus was right when he said there would come a time when all hidden mysteries will be revealed (Mark 4:22). It is time for John Mark to get his just due.”

Gray, a retired newspaper reporter and editor, who served in Egypt and Ethiopia (Eritrea) as a Naval intelligence specialist, said that he is raising funds and making contacts in the effort to produce a documentary on John Mark as the Beloved Disciple, the working title of which is Beloved Disciple/African Priest. He’s seeking interested parties to be interviewed and help with production. He can be reached by email at or by phone (423) 619-9034.

Gray said in his search for the identity of the Beloved Disciple he has tried to put himself in “Jesus’ sandals” to surmise what kind of person Jesus would be most likely to love. “I can envision Jesus loving a North African refugee, who apparently suffered at the hands of robbers in his native Cyrene, precipitating his flight to Jerusalem with his mother Mary,” Gray said. “I can see Jesus having had special affection for a man who may have been the object of racial bias, if John Mark was a man of color, which we can only assume he was.”

Much additional material pertaining to John Mark appears on Gray’s website: TANATA: Things (often) Are Not As They Appear:

NCJFCJ Announces a Record $11.3 Million in Grants to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families

(Reno, Nev.) – The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) announced today that it has received 23 awards totaling more than $11.3 million in funding. The NCJFCJ is devoted to ensuring justice and improving outcomes for families and children in courts nationwide.

One of the largest and oldest judicial membership organizations in the nation, the NCJFCJ provides judges with ongoing education, training and technical assistance to make the best possible decision for children and families in courts.

The $11.3 million in funding will support NCJFCJ projects that focus on a variety of areas that include: domestic violence; child protection and custody; domestic child sex trafficking; keeping kids in school and out of court; preventing substance abuse; juvenile justice; juvenile treatment drug courts; trauma-informed justice; research and data; and more.

“This record-setting year allows us to continue to make an impact in our courts and communities,” said Mari Kay Bickett, JD, chief executive officer of the NCJFCJ. “This critical funding enables us to continue our work in research, advocacy and education to improve the lives of our most vulnerable children and families.”

Founded in 1937, the Reno, Nev.-based National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, is the nation’s oldest judicial membership organization and focused on improving the effectiveness of our nation’s juvenile and family courts. A leader in continuing education opportunities, research, and policy development in the field of juvenile and family justice, the 2,000-member organization is unique in providing practice-based resources to jurisdictions and communities nationwide.

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NexTalk Introduces Two New TTY Call-Management Software Programs

For: Immediate Release


MURRAY, UTAH – OCTOBER 6, 2015 – NexTalk Inc., A pioneering developer of communication software for the deaf, hard of hearing and non-English Speaking announced today the release of two new SimpliciTTY® TTY Call-Management software programs; SimpliciTTY SaaS and SimpliciTTY Business.    

NexTalk’s SimpliciTTY® TTY Call-Management platform and software is the leading communication solutions, enabling call centers and offices to communicate with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  SimpliciTTY us being used by some of the largest companies and government entities in the United States and Canada.  The addition of SimpliciTTY SaaS and SimpliciTTY Business rounds out the SimpliciTTY family of products and expands their benefits to additional market segments.  

Specifically:  SimpliciTTY SaaS is different from SimpliciTTY Call Center and SimpliciTTY Office (which are for internal use only) in that it can be monetized.  SimpliciTTY SaaS is a solution that allows VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) to bundle the SimpliciTTY program with other communication products and services they are offering their clients.  Unlike traditional SimpliciTTY, SimpliciTTY SaaS can have virtual sub-domains, meaning that VAR’s can create sub accounts under their main account and provide a hosted TTY Call Management solution to their clients…which provides all the features and benefits as described above.  SimpliciTTY SaaS allows the VAR to control the number of user licenses by client and provides client specific reporting.  Additionally, NexTalk provides ongoing support to the VAR’s, including tech support and client support. 

SimpliciTTY Business is the entry level offering in the SimpliciTTY Family of products.  SimpliciTTY Business is perfect for smaller business who want to be able to communicate with their deaf and hard of hearing customers, but have a limited budget with which to purchase such as solution.  SimpliciTTY Business is an IP based solution, doesn’t require an analog phone line and eliminates the need for an analog TTY Phone or TTY Cradle.  SimpliciTTY Business users can receive incoming TTY calls on the computer.  Users can install the software on multiple computers and are given one set of credentials for logging into the system.  SimpliciTTY Business retails for $299 a year, which is less than a business will spend on an outdated TTY phone or Cradle and the annual cost of the dedicated analog phone line the TTY phone or Cradle will need.  “SimpliciTTY Business is perfect for Insurance Agent offices, Optometrist offices, Chiropractic offices, Financial and Tax Services offices or any other service-based small business which relies on effective communication with its customers”. , says Gary Tanner, CEO of NexTalk, Inc.  “At $299 a year, this solution is more effective, more efficient and greatly improves communication with their deaf and hard of hearing customers, not to mention that it enables the business to meet ADA requirements”.

About NexTalk, Inc.

NexTalk, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Murray Utah, is a communications software company whose unique software programs simplifies and enriches the communication experience for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and non-English speaking. Founded in 2008, NexTalk offers a suite of software programs providing a simple solution for Video Remote Interpreting, Audio Remote Interpreting, Video Phone, Video Relay Services, Text Relay Services, TTY Calls and Interactive Messaging. NexTalk partners with numerous interpreting companies to provide a turnkey interpreting solution through the NexTalk software platform. Additionally, NexTalk’s patented SimpliciTTY® call center software is used in hundreds of technology, business and government call centers through the United States and Canada.




Press Contacts

NexTalk, Inc.

Gary Tanner


801.274.6002 fax



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Chase Announced as the Orlando Magic’s Presenting Partner for Games in the Month of October

Orlando, Fla.  (Oct. 6, 2015) – The Orlando Magic have announced today that Chase will serve as the Magic’s presenting partner for preseason games and the presenting partner of all opening week games including the season-opener Oct. 28 (Magic vs. Washington) and Oct. 30 (Magic vs. Oklahoma City). The month of October will be billed as “Orlando Magic’s Pure Magic Tip Off Presented by Chase” 

As part of the partnership, the Magic and Chase have lined up an October full of fan events, offers and opportunities. Chase customers will be the first to receive an exclusive Magic ticket presale opportunity from Oct. 2 – Oct. 5. Anyone who holds a Chase card will have the chance to purchase Magic tickets in advance of the general public. Other activities for the month of October to include the Magic’s Open Practice presented by Chase on Oct. 5, which is free and open to the public; Magic and Chase basketball court refurbishment at a local elementary school on Oct. 24.

Chase is also the presenting partner of other Magic activities during the season including the Magic’s Black History Month celebration presented by Chase and Noche Latina presented by Chase. announces launch of new career feature “JobWiz” to connect right kind of talent and opportunity

Press Release

Unique feature which can redefine the way you find a resource, it’s easier and friendlier….. 

New York, October 5th , 2015: Innovative Social Media Platform one of the unique & superior social networking site pioneered two way communications via SMS and E-MAIL Announces Launch of New Career Feature JobWiz  to all users.  

This feature will enable the user to find a new set of resources in today’s highly competitive employment world, giving them a new set of resources for young people as they take aim at their career goals both large and small. is designed not only with helping young people’s career goals in mind, but is also dedicated to protecting their privacy while using the network.

Combining together different social media concepts around the idea of job planning and preparation, Flatparty assures that their new career feature will help users to begin their career at a younger age and possibly even put together contacts that last a lifetime. It will also help the HR Professionals, Entrepreneur, and Manager to find out the right kind of resource or candidates for their organisation. 

According to Anto Toms, CEO of,We firmly believe that by linking together different social media concepts around the idea of job planning and preparation will play an important role in bringing young people as they take aim at their career goals both large and small. We all know the power of networking when it comes to building friendships and personal relationships. We’re here to show that same power can be used to help plan and build careers, delivering huge lasting value to the young people using  It’s a win/win all around”.

Features of’s include:  MyRealm, which allows friends to create groups based around their interests; JobWiz, where employers create their profile and post new jobs in an effort to attract the right quality candidates; and Career Planner, which delivers to users everything needed to make an attractive and interesting career profile.

In addition to its value as a career resource, Flatparty also serves as a very active and interesting social media site.  By combining lifestyle features, with business features, the networking site encourages the development of more happy and integrated people – a clear benefit at work, and in living a happy life.  Chat, along with video and music sharing options are included delivering every social media option offered by some of the larger names in the networking space.

Flatparty makes itself distinct by allowing its members to connect with friends and colleagues and create private groups and sub groups focused around common interests.  This can also be used to organize events, where friends can be invited to attend and participate without or with the internet (via SMS text message).  Polls and blog posts are also easy to create and share.

® INC.

Founded in 2012, Flatparty, Inc. is a USA based business with its primary operations in New York. The business focuses on providing unique and supreme Social Networking platform to the members of the public. is a free social networking site allowing registered users to create profiles, upload photos, video and music, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues from all around the world, with options to communicate with them through multiple channels. Site also includes public features such as Groups, Events, Polls and Blogs.

Groups let members who have common interests find one another and interact and communicate within themselves. The events feature gives the opportunity for members to publicize an event, invite guests, and track attendance of participants, even before the event has started.

For registration and further information please visit


For further information please contact:

Gianni Kovacevic kicks off The Realistic Environmentalist North American Tour & pre-order campaign for new book.

My Electrician Drives a Porsche? Investing in the Rise of the New Spending Class pre-order campaign begins today.


NEW YORK, NY – September 30, 2015 – Gianni Kovacevic has enlightened audiences around the world with his unique insights into wide ranging topics such as modern energy, the rise of the new spending class and how the environment and investment often go hand-in-hand. In his new book Kovacevic inspires readers on how to become hyperaware participants in the unstoppable trends of changing demographics, technology, and in-turn, the importance of being realistic environmentalists.

To celebrate the release of My Electrician Drives a PorscheGianni Kovacevic is kicking off a 32 city North American tour titled, “The Realistic Environmentalist Tour.”  Gianni will drive a Tesla Model S from Toronto, Canada, to the Tesla Headquarters in Palo Alto, California – intersecting more than 100 destinations and 32 official tour locations. By engaging his fellow citizens with all forms of media in each city, the objective of the tour is to illustrate what makes green energy and human progress factually possible while debunking common myths from electric cars to the future of energy. His newly published book, fortified by these numerous public appearances, will enlighten investors and environmentally conscious people alike with memorable stories and bonafide facts to better understanding ethical development practices and tips for responsible wealth creation. Information on the tour can be found at or at @realisticenviro. 

My Electrician Drives a Porsche? Investing in the Rise of the New Spending Class is published by Greenleaf Book Group LLC in the United States, Granville Island Publishing in Canada, and Finanzbuch Verlag in Germany (in German). The book will be available in Barnes & Noble, on Amazon & other online retailers, and in airport bookstores nationwide in February 2016.

About Gianni Kovacevic

Gianni Kovacevic fascinates audiences with his artful storytelling and picturesque analysis that makes complicated theories interesting and far more understandable.

An avid proponent of realistic environmentalism, he is frequently interviewed by the media with his unique way of applying the algebra way of thinking to solving global problems. Fluent in English, German, Italian and Croatian, Kovacevic makes his home in Vancouver, Canada.

For speaking engagements, he is represented by Executive Speakers Bureau in the USA and Keynote Speakers Canada. Connect with Kovacevic on TwitterFacebookYouTube & at

About The Book

A weekend service call changes the life of Doc Anderson forever.

Johnny, the surprisingly wealthy energy whiz-kid, introduces Doc to a compelling new investment theme – following the rise of a new spending class. As they set course on a fact-filled adventure, Doc’s eyes are opened to the impact that billions of new consumers will have on our environment and how their entrance to our fast-changing world will figure into the economy of the future. Through this journey, he too becomes a hyper-aware participant in the boundless opportunities for responsible wealth creation with his new-found knowledge base in what makes realistic environmentalism possible.

Order the book now to take advantage of pre-launch offers including exclusive content, travel opportunities, sporting events – and to join The Realistic Environmentalist Tesla Tour!


Media Contacts (USA & Canada)


USA National – Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson Business Communications

Skype:  swilsona


NYC – Barbara Monteiro

Monteiro & Company



Canada – David Litvak

Cascadia Publicity


Deepnet S.R.O. Debuts New Smartphone on Indiegogo and Offering the Smartphone for Free


The Beast is the first smartphone of its kind featuring a dual slide, multi-color QWERTY keyboard.

Sept. 30, 2015 – Deepnet S.R.O. has debuted its one-of-a-kind smartphone on Indiegogo and is offering consumers a special discounted price before the phone hits mass retailers. Known as “The Beast,” this smartphone is a top-of-the-line design featuring a titanium body and a dual slide QWERTY keyboard.

“I was tired of waiting for somebody to make a smartphone that fit all my needs,” said Miroslav Kuco, founder and CEO of Deepnet S.R.O. “The typical onscreen smartphone keyboard just wasn’t doing it for me. I needed something high quality yet easy to use, and since nobody else was making the phone I wanted, I decided to create it myself.”

The Beast runs on Cyanogenmod Android and features a six-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen. The dual slide keyboard slides out into a QWERTY keyboard as well as a media control center that allows users to change songs and pause and start a recording, all without activating the phone’s display. Users can also customize the backlit keyboard to glow the color of his or her choice. 

Deepnet S.R.O.’s Indiegogo campaign features four different price points and perks:

  • The $16 Early Backer perk will help Deepnet S.R.O. bring The Beast to life and go directly to manufacturing costs.
  • $166 gives you the ability to customize the backlit logo on the back of The Beast. This will be your only chance to do so.
  • Consumers can purchase The Beast for $666 before it hits mass retailers. That’s a 33 percent special discount price. This package also includes a free wireless charger.
  • Finally, for $66,666 one lucky Indiegogo backer will receive The Beast with its body made entirely of pure 24-karat gold.

If a major newspaper or online magazine will publish an article about the campaign as featured or something similar, Deepnet S.R.O. will send a free The Beast smartphone in case the campaign succeeds. All they want is a review of the phone and the publisher can keep it. All phones that will be sent for free will have a customized back logo of that particular publisher.

People interested in seeing The Beast and making a contribution to its Indiegogo campaign can do so at–6/.

Said Kuco, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in and get your hands on an incredible piece of technology before it even hits the masses.”

For additional information about The Beast visit

About Deepnet S.R.O.

Founded in 2012, Deepnet S.R.O. is a visionary company based out of Bratislava, Slovakia. The company prides itself on rising above the mainstream to compete with new and unique products.